Matteo Salerno brings extensive experience in commercial practice with knowledge of running and managing successful commercial projects across Australia.

Prior to commencing his legal career, Matteo gained experience in the construction industry where he managed aspects of significant projects including the M7 Motorway in Sydney run by the former Abi-Group Leighton JV and the BHP Billiton- Mitsubishi Alliance Coal mine in Blackwater, QLD.

Matteo’s current expertise focus on commercial and corporate law, including shareholders / unit holders / partnership agreements and standard contracts, property law including sale of land and business agreements, as well as wills and estates. Matteo’s innovative approach to business and experience in financial technology (FinTech), has proved to be of great practical benefit when advising clients on FinTech and Cryptocurrency.

Matteo is uniquely positioned to provide expert advice on all things cryptocurrency as an experienced trader and advisor of 7 years. This extensive involvement in the space has propelled Matteo’s expertise in a myriad of matters including Over the Counter (‘OTC’) compliance, ICO advising, digital currency exchange compliance, cryptocurrency based estate planning, digital businesses and more.