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When your property matter has settled, what then?

You may have reached agreements through Consent Orders or a Binding Financial Agreement. You may even have orders decided by the court that provides you and your ex-partner with directions to sell or transfer property, or pay out mortgages or loans within strict time frames. At Salerno Law our Family Lawyers work closely with our Conveyancing team and Property Lawyers to ensure that your arrangements are finalised efficiency. You will not need to find a new Legal practice to assist you with your property matter and transfers. Additionally, many of our clients purchase or sell property either during or after settlement, our Conveyancing specialists can assist you will all aspect of your property requirements.

Do I need to pay stamp duty if I am transferring our marital home to my ex-partner?

Transfer Duty is dealt with on a state by state basis however, there is an exemption from paying duty where the transfer is between those who were a party to a marriage or de facto relationship.

You must have your agreement recorded in court orders or a Binding Financial Agreement. There are various forms that will then need to be completed and sent to State Revenue, where your application for the exemption will be assessed. Our Family Lawyers at Salerno Law can assist you with obtaining these orders and completing and filing these documents so that you can avoid the unnecessary expense of paying stamp duty.

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